Where Nic & Brian have come from.
Our background is of global careers in blue-chip organisations, working our way from the work-floor, through front-line management and eventually holding senior executive positions. We have global experience with service, transportation and logistics organisations, particularly Operations Management, Learning & Development and Operational Quality & Service Improvement. Clearly, the common success has been to constantly provide the absolute Customer Experience with the customer as the hub of everything we did, as well as being motivational and engaging in our work, but above all, having fun.

Where we are going.
Our career continues with you. At the forefront of our goal we will provide a vital service to customers, whilst at the same time improve our work/life balance with our own company, so we don’t see this as a job, more like something we really enjoy and can be personally proud of. With a spectrum of IAM and RoSPA training, experience and skills between us, you can be sure that wherever you are going it will be good progress, and with your complete safety in mind. We understand what the customer wants, as we have always been the customer in the past. We know what impact a terrible experience can have, so we will be sure to deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

How we are getting you there.
Our choice of Private Hire vehicles is the Mercedes Benz 4x4 SUV, which for you means a superior seating position and stress-free ambience in spacious seats. Not only will you feel secure and relaxed with a more elevated view than in a regular car, but getting in and out of the vehicle is far simpler for passengers of all ages. We will provide you with an excellent, professional and reliable service on your journey to wherever you chose to go. 

You’ve arrived with 2PL………!
At the end of the journey, you will know you have been through our 2PL experience. You will realise that it was not just an ordinary car drive, and we trust you come back to us and tell others about your experience.


We promise to; 
• act in a professional manner and be polite at all times to provide a great customer service.
• treat our customers with respect and privacy.
• deal with customer enquiries promptly or explain the reason for any delay.
• listen to our customers and ask for their views.
• keep our promises.
• be open and honest and explain our decisions.
• apologise when we make a mistake and put things right.
• make it easy for our customers to complain, accept our customers’ right to complain and guarantee a full investigation and considered response within 5 working days.
• if a customer query cannot be resolved within 5 working days we will contact the customer to explain why and give estimated timescales.
• ensure our drivers have the skills and knowledge to do the job.
• to attempt to resolve customer queries at the first point of contact. If we cannot do so we will provide our customers with a full explanation of our next steps or the details of who can help, together with timescales.
• return customer calls within one working day if they have left us a message.
• acknowledge emails sent to [email protected] within 48 hours and respond fully within 3 working days.
• reply to letters within 3 working days of receiving them.

We would like our customers to;
• give us the information we need to help them.
• treat all our drivers and partners with courtesy and respect, avoiding unacceptable behaviour.
• help us to improve by giving us their views and suggestions and by telling us when we do not meet their expectations, giving their views and suggestions.
• if we don't do as we say, please tell us.